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Selected client comments

Audio testimonial:

"I've worked with Rudolf and Raboo Design now for over a year, and I must say I have never had better service.  They are very responsive when I need help with my web sites.  In fact, Rudolf has now designed 5 web sites, logos and cards for me and it is always done well and in a timely fashion.  Not only is he an excellent designer, but he has been delightful to work with... much easier than the technical web site designers I've experienced in the past.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience!"

Roxanne Batson, Chairman WSN TV 75
Marketing & Multimedia company, USA


"We've worked with Rudolf and Raboo Design for more then 5 years, which demonstrates our appreciation of his services.
Raboo offers complete, creative, timely and hassle-free solutions for our and our clients' communication needs. He is not only technically skilled, but also offers that little extra that only experienced designers can offer."

Piet Van de Steen, CEO Thoth-international
Advertising agency, Europe


"The collaboration with Rudolf was -and still is-  a great experience.   Nice guy, great work."

Swa Wilmots, Art director
Advertising agency MwTaboo & MW kidsvertising - The Young Ones


"Thanks to the web site Rudolf created for me, I have made important contacts with galleries and organizers of art events, in Germany and Italy, I otherwise would have missed out on.   He feels exactly how to create the right atmosphere as the perfect background for my artwork."

Inge De Belder, Belgian Artist

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Alphabetic Client List

Some of our direct clients:

  • Blewfield Associates, Genev, CH
  • Agfa Gevaert, Mortsel BE
  • Albert Moses, actor, Harpenden UK
  • Alpine drück, , Printers, Austria AU
  • Beckers, food industry, BE
  • Brussels Jazz Club, BE
  • Charles Strintz, Writer, USA
  • Creten Transport, Antwerp BE
  • Crossrail London, UK
  • De Morgen, Newspaper, Gandth -Antwerp BE
  • Editions Dupuis, publisher, Marcinelle BE
  • Electric Seminars, Business seminars, USA
  • Equal is not Enough, University Antwerp, BE
  • Flair, magazine, Antwerp BE
  • Gavin Mheikle, Coaching consultant, UK
  • Hogeschool Gent, Music conservatorium, BE
  • Hydrox Consulting Group, USA
  • Internet Master series, St Paul USA
  • Itsav LLC internet technology, USA / AU
  • Technology Solution Provider LLC, USA
  • Kidsquest, Children's entertainment, USA
  • Kluwer nv, Deurne , publisher, BE
  • Koning Boudewijn stichting, Brussels BE
  • Köpcke Industrie, Industrial machines BE
  • Liberale Mutualiteiten, Brussels BE
  • Mad Badger, commercial artist, Cheshire UK
  • Meg Andrews, Antiques & textiles, London UK
  • Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, BE
  • Netlloyd Rotterdam , transport, NL
  • Pasop vzw, Social Sector, BE
  • Par Value Inc, Marketing & consulting, Toronto CAN
  • Project Sixty-One Media, Toronto CAN
  • Roland Benelux, Musical instruments, Herenthout BE
  • Rotring, arts material, Brussels BE
  • Roularta, press group, Roeselaere BE
  • Scylax, Business ideas consultant, Schilde BE
  • Shure Benelux, Musical instruments, Brussels BE
  • Solnara, Health products, Korea
  • Stad Antwerpen, Cultural department, BE
  • Standaard Uitgeverij, publisher, BE
  • Sealpac, Oldenburg DE
  • Steunpunt gelijke kansen beleid, University Antwerp BE.
  • StreamAware LLC, Streaming software, New York USA
  • The Circle, Social centre, London UK
  • The Great Life LLC, Community business, St Paul USA
  • Thornbury Associates, Management consultants, Harpenden UK
  • Transport Echo, magazine, AntwerpBE
  • TV-ekspres, magazine, Antwerp BE
  • V.U.M, press group, Antwerp BE
  • Verbal Vision, Ethnic communication, Antwerp BE
  • Vigilantes Games, cartoons & games studio, Brussels BE
  • Stichting Welzijnszorg provincie Antwerpen, BE
  • Woman Success Network , USA
  • WomenCorp, Business Women's organization, USA
  • World Server Network TV 71, Multimedia, Korea
  • World Server Network TV 75, Multimedia, USA
  • WWF international, Brussels BE
  • WWF, Finland, UK

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Advertising & service Agency clients:

  • ARS, Benelux - - Illustrations record covers
  • Artemuz, Dendermonde - Image editing, Illustrations, lay-out
  • Catapult, Antwerp - Illustrations, powerpoint presentations, corporate templates
  • Concreta, Hasselt - Image editing, illustrations
  • Creative House, London -Image editing, web sites
  • De Kie communications, Antwerp - illustrations
  • FB Design, Antwerp - Illustrations
  • Fingerspitz bvba, Antwerp - Image editing, multimedia projects, web sites,
  • Forest & Bold, Antwerp - illustrations
  • Fugitive cinema produktie, Brussels - filters for lenses
  • Koncept, Mechlin - illustrations
  • LDV Advertising, Antwerp - design, illustrations
  • Leunen & Partners, Antwerp - Illustrations
  • M & W taboo, Antwerp -illustrations, image editing, screen savers.
  • McCan Erickson, Brussels - Illustrations
  • Mediaprint, St Niklaas - Newspaper & magazine lay-out
  • Nomis Projects Ltd, UK - illustrations
  • Pajo Graphics, Brussels - illustrations, corporate identity design
  • Punta Linea, Blankenberge - illustrations
  • Roger Smith & Partners, Antwerp - Illustrations, display dummies
  • Thoth NV , Antwerp BE- roughs, illustrations, web sites, multimedia projects
  • Thoth UK Ltd, Buckinghamshire - roughs, illustrations, web sites, multimedia projects
  • Universal Advertising Team, Antwerp - Illustrations
  • VVL/BBDO, Brussels BE- Illustrations

Visual communication is our passion

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