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What is multimedia?

Click here to view multimedia samplesMultimedia projects consist of linear or interactive digital presentations in a wide range of disciplines formatted on CD, DVD, kiosks, projection and the internet.
These digital presentations often contain video-fragments, 3D -or vectorial animation and sound and are mostly used for the presentations of products as well as for entertainment and engaging interactive tutorials.  They can be serious, funny and/or educational. 
Digital presentations are made with authoring software such as MM Director, Flash, ShockWave, VRML, screen saver software etc., specifically written for that purpose. . To certain extend, a PowerPoint presentation is considered multimedia, although it is basically a slide show.

What we offer

We can create multimedia projects for various objectives such as: tutorials, sales tools, software demo's, promotional screen savers, portfolio's and show cases in the following formats:
Stand-alone Executable ( PC & Mac), MM Director, Flash, ShockWave, PowerPoint, QuickTime and QuickTimeVR on CD, DVD, kiosk, life projection and the internet. 
Most multimedia samples shown on this site use Flash (from version 5 to MX).


Visual communication is our passion