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Image editing

Enhancement and transformation

Click here for image editing samplesOften, when you look for the perfect image, you will find one that is almost the image you are looking for, but not quite right.
Through image editing, we reshape an image to exactly what you are looking for.   In fact, we can transform anything that contains pixels.
Image editing includes not only enhancing photographs, but also screen captures, blowups from small images and composition from several sources into a first rate visual.    View some samples here.

Expert knowledge

Image editing relies on an expert knowledge of colour management, especially for print.  We assure you that we have extensive expertise in all aspects of the printing process and all its requirements.  We will produce good looking images from different sources; for example a bad photograph or scanning, combinations of drawings and photographs, video or screen captures etc.  In short, we customize any image to fit your needs and produce the final product into something worthwhile for a reasonable fee.


Visual communication is our passion

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