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Raboo Design - visual Communication

Our illustrations are created in a wide range of disciplines for print, web sites, presentations and multimedia projects.   For convenience, the illustrations are grouped in 6 major categories:

Most illustrations are created for advertising agencies and publishers; some of the artwork is for sale. 
We hope you find the style or type you are looking for and if you need any assistance or have a question, please contact us.

Please keep in mind that all images on this site are copyright protected and may not be copied in any form.   Contact us beforehand if you wish to use an image.


3D illustrations

Click here to view 3D samples3D stills are an excellent media that produces visuals for objects that are not yet developed in real life.  For example, a building project needs visuals beforehand, so that the potential client has a realistic idea of the end result.  With accurate visuals the project can be sold before it is realized, thus making it possible to obtain funding beforehand.  3D stills are relatively simple to produce and offers a view of the same object from different angles.

Many graphic artists can make 3D stills for the web, but few have the knowledge to make it look right in cmyk - the colour space for printing.  We ensure that our visuals have no banding or colour differences with the real object.
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Click here to view roughs and sketches examplesA rough is mostly a sketch of an idea in colour. We create roughs to illustrate an idea or design for a client.
We create roughs for all purposes including visuals, layout, house styling, advertising campaigns, story boards, events, packaging etc.
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Vectorial artwork

Click here to view vectorial examplesThe advantage of producing vectorial images is that it is resolution independent, meaning that it can be scaled to a nearly unlimited size or transformed without loss or deformation.
Vectorial images are therefore used in cases when different formats of the same visual are needed, for example logos, web graphics or poster layouts.
Vectorial graphics are best suited for flat coloured or rather sterile artwork but with a gradient here and there. 
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Several styles

Click here to view several style examplesBecause Rudolf loves diversity in his work, he developed many styles in a wide range of techniques over the years.  From watercolour to computer generated artwork as you will discover in this section.
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Realistic illustrations

Click here to view realism examplesWe create illustrations ranging from rough realism to hyper realism.
Hyper realism is best described as being realistic, and very sharp in detail which is very useful for technical, realistic details, while photo-realism is used when ambience or drama is needed.   Rough realism is a realistic visual in which brush strokes are clearly noticeable and presents a more artistic look.
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Click here to view banner animation examplesWe create banners in different formats: GIF, Flash, PNG, and Shockwave.
Banners developed in Flash can be interactive thus providing you with an added value.  For example, a single banner may contain several links. Other banner formats do not have this capability .
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Featured artist(s)

From time to time, we show featured artist(s) with whom we know are reliable and delivers good quality.   If you do not find what you are looking for in Several Styles , please check this section periodically. 
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Visual communication is our passion

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