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Graphic design

Recognition through House Styling

Click here to view graphic design samplesYour target audience recognizes your company / business through a credible visual output produced in the form of logos, letters, e-mails, invoices, PowerPoint presentations, web pages, press releases etc.  All these critical elements of communication need to have a recognisable and consistent look that identifies your business as unique.  This is your corporate identity or house style.  House styling consists primarily of a logo (text and/or symbolic image), a recognisable lay-out style and headers for letters, business cards etc.

We can help you

For that unique professional look for your business, you need a visual style for all your printed and digital output that clearly and consistently identifies your company. Raboo Design's extensive experience and trusted reputation will create a unique and powerful house style that appeals to your target audience. 

A full graphic identity package

We create not only logos, letterheads and business cards, but we also can provide a wide range of easy to use templates for your specific needs, including Word documents e-mail messages, newsletters, PowerPoint templates, database templates, screen savers, multimedia projects, web pages, surveys and much more, all in one customized graphic identity package.  Contact us for pricing.


Visual communication is our passion

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