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Rudolf Boogerman


Rudolf Boogerman, founded Raboo Design in 1979.   As a professional freelance graphic designer and visual artist, he has worked for publishers and advertising agencies, where he acquired extensive knowledge on an array of disciplines related to visual communication; creating roughs, logo design, lay-out, illustrations, posters and book design. 
In 1995, he made his first multimedia project for Agfa, a thirteen minute sales tool for software on CD that is now used worldwide in all Agfa divisions.  When the real boom on the Internet began in Europe (around 1997), he created an award winning art site for its design and usability.  Rudolf wrote numerous tutorials for WSN TV 75, a global multimedia company. 

Why would you work with Rudolf?

His artistic talents combined with his experience in visual communications gives him an edge over many competitors.  He always strives for that perfect balance between attractive design (temptation) and a greater user experience (usability), by utilizing all available techniques, including color psychology.  To him, a site or a multimedia presentation must have a look and feel that viewers regard as the natural environment for a given subject.  Only then the user can fully concentrate on the content of a digital presentation, whether it is a site, a tutorial or a multimedia project.

What is more...

Raboo Design can also offer a full package Graphic Designing, often called House Styling, including: logo design, PowerPoint templates, MS Word templates for business use (letterheads, invitations, standard messages etc..), business cards, flyers, posters, and more.  Everything you need to start or revamp your business.

Raboo Design is not alone

For bigger projects, Rudolf works with other experienced freelancers that he knows very well.  All of them have at least 5-10 years working experience in their respective fields.  Five years proven experience is our minimum requirement to work with Raboo Design.

The most important team members:

The core team of Raboo Design includes Peter Rouffa (Kabloonak), Laurent Peter, Stephane Reynders, Joris Van der Steen (Fingerspitz bvba), Mark Roberts (Design Source), Jan Vanrooy and Rudolf himself, of course.

Peter Rouffa
Desktop publishing, Web design

Laurent Peter
Programmer, server specialist.

Stéphane Reynders
Web developer / programmer, SEO specialist.

Joris Van der Steen
Image editing, animation.

Mark Roberts
Interface design, packaging design, house styling

Jan Vanrooy
Traditional Illustrations and roughs, sound effects.

Michael Bauvent
Traditional illustrations, paintings, Flash animation

Linda Eidenmueller
Copywriting, USA

Nomis Projects Ltd
Nomis leads the way on equality impact assessment, inclusive consultation and best practice project planning and delivery.  For full details, see the web site at:

April Weitzel
Optimization specialist, USA


Visual communication is our passion

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